Please Read the Following Notification


The Club holds the following information about you:

1) Name 2) Address 3) Telephone numbers 4) Email address

This information is available to all members of the Committee and, on occasions, other members of the Club who might wish to contact one another. The information is used to advise you of Club activities, by the Membership Secretary so they can remind members of the need to renew their membership at the beginning of the year and for circulation of the Club’s periodic Newsletters and AGM papers. Your First name and Telephone numbers will also appear on any Walks List as a contact point when you are leading a walk. This information will not be passed to any third parties. Members may have their photographs taken at events organised by the Club and these may be used on the Club’s website, publicity and in the Newsletter.

If you do not wish your information to be held by us and used as above please advise the Club Secretary in writing by post.”

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